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So You you can register as a user and once you logged in you can use the ‘My account’ section of the site to update your personal details or even you can send an email to support for any help as the username cannot be changed. Please note, any changes made to your personal details will be reflected across DealsRender Website.

Your personal information might be required on DealsRender

Such as

  • Your contact email address.
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For more information, please see our privacy policy

How do I update my contact details?

To make it easy and simple for you to provide and manage this information we have a support team that might do this for you if couldn’t do it. Just contact us by sending an email and we will solve it as soon as possible.

This means providing your personal details to us, you only need to provide this information to us once and we will solve and update it for you.

What should I do when I can’t log in?

First, you need to check the spelling of your email address as well as your password – as passwords can be upper or lower letters that are case-sensitive.

In case you have forgotten your password? Click on the ‘login/register link and then the ‘forgot password. And we will send an email to you to reset your password within 24hours.

So, you can do that by entering your email then click on Submit. And you also have up to 24 hours to reset your password before it expires.

If you have any problems at this stage please contact our support team, see the contact us section of the site.

Once you have received your new password email, click the ‘change password’ link. Enter your new password into the field and enter it again to confirm.

Finally, click ‘submit’ to change your password. You’ll then can log into your account and we’ll send you a second email to confirm your details.