Automotive is the actual application of knowledge about self-propelled

vehicles or machinery is known as automotive technology.

This technology such as engine construction, fuel and ignition systems,

power trains, brakes, gearboxes, electronic and diagnostic equipment, and other topics.

This Industry is a diverse group of organizations and

businesses that share the same goal of designing, developing, marketing,

producing, and selling automobiles. By revenue, this industry is an

important portion of the world's economic sectors. Automobiles,

on the other hand, are not fully includedd in the industry.

Today's economies are undergoing tremendous transformations as a

result of emerging market development, the rapid introduction of new

technology, sustainability policies, and shifting consumer ownership

choices. Other sectors have been transformed by digitization, rising

automation, and new business models, and the automotive industry

will be no exception. These pressures are causing four disruptive

technology-driven trends in the automotive industry: diversified mobility,

autonomous driving, electrification, and connection.