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In the 21st century the style trends of the fashion industry dominate the

world more than they ever did, and control not only the way people dress

but also trends in home ware design, makeup fashion and people’s overall

attitudes. In the 60s flower power did not only mean flares and tunics, it

summed up the whole attitude of a generation, and this is even more

prominent today.

Nowadays, fashion is bold and daring, and this reflects a noughties

generation that is not afraid to say what they think, or wear what they

want. Fashion is not just a means of clothing your body, it is the essence of

your personality and beliefs, and designers are well aware of the power they

hold. Designers’ predictions and designs for the coming season are more

hotly anticipated than any other revelation in the world.

Trends in fashion unify women and men around the world, yet they still

allow people the ability to portray their own individual style at the same time. A period of time portrayed in a picture can be identified immediately just by the style of clothes the people are wearing, and this sums up just how powerful and all-encompassing fashion is. Fashion can change from one second to the next, but what never changes is the hold it has over society, and the role it plays in the modern world. It is so important that whole magazines are dedicated to it, TV programs dedicate hours of transmission time to the subject, and people discus it between their friends continually.