Flowers can convey so much without saying a single word. There's something special about receiving flowers as a gift; it means that someone took the time to select an arrangement and have it delivered specifically to you. You are significant to them.

What happens now that your thoughtful gift has arrived? Taking care of your gift will ensure that it continues to bloom and bring happiness wherever it goes. Flowers of all seasons can mean so many different things, and they are always a special gift. There is no distraction in the thought that goes into each arrangement. After you place your order, our skilled floral artisans will hand-assemble your arrangement. Every single time. There will never be another arrangement like yours again. It's one-of-a-kind and something to treasure.

Keeping your gift fresh and blooming, as well as understanding some of the meanings of the various types of flowers you receive, lets you know that people are thinking of you. Explore the topics listed below to learn more about how to care for your gift, what the flowers represent, and much more!