At the start of the pandemic, online groceries shopping arose as a solution for customers to receive what they needed while reducing their potential exposure to the virus. According to a new survey, however, convenience, rather than safety, is now the primary reason that customers buy goods online.

According to an ACI Worldwide and PYMNTS poll of more than 2,300

consumers, 76% indicated they buy for food online for the sake of

convenience and simplicity, while only 56% claimed they do so to avoid

potential COVID-19 infection. In-store shopping, on the other hand,

remains the preferred method of buying groceries, with 81.8 percent

preferring to shop and pay in-store. Only 18.1% stated they prefer to buy

online. Twenty-one percent of those polled indicated they shop in-store

less now than they did before the outbreak. Since the outbreak, 15% have

increased their in-store groceries buying.