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Aeen Shop is your beauty destination every time you search for the product or brand you need, here they keep you informed of everything related to the vast world of beauty.

Ain Shop assure you that they handle all the information they have collected from you in a proper manner.

So, Here you will find details of their Privacy and Cookie Policy,

and what they may do with the personal information they have obtained from you.

Also Providing your personal information means that you accept the terms of this Privacy Policy

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You are under no obligation to provide any information to them, but failure to provide them with the requested information precludes

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So, If you do not agree to this privacy policy or if you are browsing the site while you are in a country

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Delivery Information

They provide free shipping for purchases whose total value exceeds 199 riyals,

but if the total value of purchases is less than that,

the buyer will have to pay a shipping fee of 23 riyals outside Riyadh and 7 riyals inside Riyadh,

whoever exceeds the total value of his purchases 250 riyals will receive Free gift.

Aeen Shop FAQs

How long does it take for an order to ship?

Depends on location, order should be shipped within 2-7 business days after order confirmation, click here for places covered by the shipping service.

Can I choose the delivery time?

They do not provide the service to choose the delivery time at the present time, but the representative of the shipping company will contact you to agree on the appropriate delivery date.

What if my order does not arrive at the agreed time?

They deal with the best express shipping companies that deliver orders on time and in the required manner. A representative of the shipping company will contact you to confirm the delivery time. In other words, If your order does not arrive on the specified time and date, contact them via email

Are there any fees for re-delivery?

In the event that you are not available within the specified delivery time, they will attempt to deliver at the next agreed upon time. If the delivery fails for the second time, you will have to pay the re-delivery fee.

Aeen Shop