Firstly, It’s history began over 60 years ago, with its founding father, Marcel Fournier, a visionary entrepreneur,

and the opening of the first hypermarket in France.

Moreover, It has retained its pioneering spirit and has continuously reinvented itself since then.

The key dates in the Group’s development.

1959: creation of Carrefour

Its history began in 1959, following a meeting between Marcel Fournier, owner of a novelties

shop in Annecy, and the Badin-Defforey family, a food wholesaler in Lagnieu (l’Ain).

1960: opening of the first Carrefour supermarket

From entrepreneurial families, Marcel Fournier and Denis Defforey tested the French-style self-service,

first in a 200m2 sales area, before opening an 850m2 supermarket at the crossroads of Avenue

Parmelan and Avenue André Theuriet in Annecy in June 1960.

1963: opening of the first hypermarket

Inspired by the United States, Carrefour’s founder opened the first hypermarket in France in

Sainte-Geneviève-des-Bois (91) on 15 July 1963.

The hypermarket was the first of its kind in France and offered a vast range of products at low

prices over a 2,500m² self-service sales area with 400 free parking spaces.

1966: creation of the iconic Carrefour logo

The Carrefour logo was created for the opening of the Vénissieux hypermarket: it depicts

the “C” for Carrefour, in the middle of a diamond, red to the left, blue to the right, with black lines

at the top and bottom.

The logo evolved rapidly: the black lines disappeared making the “C” less obvious.

1970: listing on the Paris stock market

To fund its growth, It was listed on the Paris stock market on 16 June 1970,

a first for the retail sector.

1981: Carrefour launches the PASS card

Carrefour launched the PASS card, both a credit card and a customer loyalty card.

After three years, 200,000 people signed up for the PASS card and over 4 million transactions were recorded.

1992: Carrefour invests in the quality and safety of our products

The launch of Carrefour Quality Lines and its organic products with the “boule Bio” organic loaf in 1992, in response to changes in consumer concerns.

1993: Carrefour continues to expand internationally

The Group opened its first stores in Italy in 1993, then China in 1995.

1996: Carrefour, an inclusive group tackling food waste

The Group enters its first partnerships with the Food Banks to help disadvantaged people and limit food waste. Moreover, Carrefour offers its logistics support to ensure compliance with cold chain requirements.

2000: launch of the on-line supermarket Ooshop

As e-commerce was just starting to take off, it launched its on-line supermarket

Ooshop in 2000 with 6,000 products including a thousand fresh products.

It’s growth continues with the opening in 2001 of the first store in Romania.

2013: Carrefour celebrates 50 years since its first hypermarket and moves into Africa

In 2013, the group embarked upon a modernisation programme. In France, this covered

49 hypermarkets and 83 supermarkets during the first year.

It joins forces with the CFAO group to develop different Carrefour store formats in West and Central Africa.

2016: Carrefour invests in e-commerce and in convenience brands

After that, The Group acquires Rue du Commerce and Greenweez in France and launches

new e-commerce activities in China, Poland, Argentina and Brazil.

Carrefour continues its expansion by buying Billa supermarkets in Romania and Eroski in Spain.

"2019: "Carrefour 2022" continues on its path

Carrefour is celebrating its 60th anniversary.

Moreover, Pursuant to the “Pacte” law adopted by the French Parliament, the Group has included a raison d'être in its Articles of Association.

This measure, adopted at the Shareholder’s Meeting on June 14, 2019 on the recommendation of the Board of

Directors, was taken to support Carrefour in fully embracing its ambition to become the world leader of the food

transition for all by 2022: “Our mission is to provide our customers with quality services, products and food accessible

to all across all distribution channels.

Finally, Thanks to the competence of our employees, to a responsible and multicultural approach, to our broad territorial

presence and to our ability to adapt to production and consumption modes, our ambition is to be the leader of the

food transition for all. The Group sold its businesses in China.

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