Drimsim is a universal SIM card for travellers. Use internet and make calls in 197 countries around the globe.

Best rates, no limited data packages, no hidden fees. Drimsim — is a real SIM card. You can put it right into

your phone, tablet or mobile hotspot.

However, It isn’t bound to any cellular provider. It connects to a local provider in each country and just works.

In addition, You can call and text your friends, upload your snaps, plan routes, and never ever worry

again about paying huge roaming fees. Wonder how you control your expenses? There's an app for that.

Universal SIM card for foreign countries;

- No need to set up roaming or buy a local SIM card.

- Free app with the history of your expences to the very second and kilobyte.

- No limits on traffic and calls.

- No subscription fees and limited data packages.

- They only charge on a post-paid basis.

- Their prices are comparable to the local providers prices.

- They deliver worldwide.

Corporate terms

If the Customer enters this Agreement as a corporate entity, the following information shall

be provided to the Company before commencing the Services:
constitutional documents;
bank details;
registered address;
company number;
VAT id (for EU companies);
certificate of registration;
tax residency certificate;
documents confirming the chain of authorization of a signatory;
first and last name of the signatory person;
date of birth of such person;
nationality of such person;
postal address of such person;
serial number and digital image of passport, national ID or driver’s license of such person;
other information requested by the Company.

The Customer shall notify the Company in case of changes of such information and shall immediately disclose

information on the actual user of SIM-card or other numbering asset in case of Company’s request.

Moreover, Applications of corporate Customers to enter this Agreement are subject to the Company’s review and approval.

Depending on the type of the Services, provision of additional documents, information may be required,

and additional qualifications for the Customers may apply.

Moreover, The Company may require the Customer to sign and send to a designated agent the hard copies of the

documents containing statements of entering into this Agreement by the Customer. The Company is entitled

to assign processing and issuing invoices and other required accounting documents to an authorized third

party on a certain territory.

Hence, The Customer shall sign the accounting documents on a monthly basis upon the Company’s request. Failure to

provide the Company with signed documents within 5 business days after request shall result in waiver of the

rights to claim any complaints for the quality and accounting of the Services.

Finally, Purchase of the Services or SIM-card confirms Customer’s consent to this Agreement.