e-outlet is the first electronic outlet in the Middle East specialized in the products of the finest European brands.

owned by a Saudi company in cooperation with Italian expert houses.

A team of Italian fashion experts is supervising e-outlet to ensure that the requirements of our customers for luxury products are perfect.

e-outlet customers can do online shopping, pay and receive products within a short period in a safe and secure electronic work environment.


How can I login to eoutlet site and id it mandatory to do this to complete shopping?

All the data is correct where you will not be able to buy in case of incorrect information provided.
In case of the App login is done by choosing “My Account” at the bottom of the App.

What is the on-site payment method?

Payment method on the site it is one of the following:
Card ( Mada, Visa, Master card, Apple pay, Kent, Oman Net) and here shipping is free for
the oreder above 500SAR, Cash Payment to the representative of the shipping company
upon receiving of the order and an additional fee of 20 SAR.