Fanatical is a leading global digital games retailer within the $137.9bn games industry, which continues to show

exponential growth year-on-year. Then, They’ve sold over 62 million officially licensed game keys to over 3 million customers

in 200 countries.

Moreover, They are proud to have over 900 direct partnerships with the games industry’s finest developers and publishers, and a

catalogue of over 5,500 games. Promote the latest and greatest game from leading brands including SEGA, Bethesda,

Warner Bros, Ubisoft, Capcom, Disney, 2K Games, Bandai Namco and many more.

  • Hot pre-orders on the latest AAA games.
  • Amazing new game deals every day.
  • 24-hour Star Deal at a market-leading price point.
  • Exclusive Steam game bundles three times a week, to increase conversions and drive sales volume.
  • In addition, Seasonal sales events with enhanced earning potential.


We began our story in the 90s, making affordable software and games available to all on PC CD-ROM. In 2012 we

launched Bundle Stars to satisfy the growing global demand for digital games. So, Our online store has since sold over 90

million keys to gamers in over 200 countries, all sourced from official publishers.

Finally, Fast forward to today and our journey continues with Fanatical, now part of the Fandom family, where our goal

remains the same; providing the best quality, choice and value in digital entertainment.