Fordeal has already established that it is a shopping site. Interesting fact: It is a cross border e-commerce platform that aims to serve in the Middle Eastern Market. It was founded in the year 2017.

What does it sell? You will mainly see lifestyle products including apparel, accessories, makeup and shoes. There is also a section for electronics and automotive products but they are available only on the mobile app.

If your order exceeds $90, they offer you free shipping across the entire GCC region. Order arrives in 7-12 working days. You can opt for COD (cash on delivery) on your orders. According to 36r, which is a China-based publishing and data company, almost 80% of the orders were completed through COD.

With multiple languages, currencies and payment methods, users in different countries from the Middle East can use the platform with ease.

You can find dresses for every season and style at Fordeal. With an amazing collection of summer dresses to choose from, no wonder it made it into the Hot section! The blended fabric summer dress above has a 100% favorable rate!

Find the perfect suit for a casual meetup or a light set for a day out. The range is impeccable. we are sure you can find the one you are looking for!


Cute and practical baby products are the ones to look out for. Fordeal provides you maternity clothing for the mother and products for the newborn. From non-slip bath to crown baby bed (above), there’s so much to choose from!

You can find kitchen appliances ranging from molds to peelers. Corn separator, orange peelers, drying station, all the kitchen hacks that you will absolutely love. Find weird cookie molds with hand and foot imprint or choose a cute flower one.

If you love quirky and aesthetic lighting, look no further. Find everything you need right here. You can find crazy designs in lamps or choose the mirror lights for the perfect makeup and selfie routine.

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