FOREO is a passionate, fun-loving team that lives to put an extra dash in your step as you walk out the door! When you feel good, you look good - and their mission is complete.

For too long, professional-level treatments have been the privilege of the wealthy few. That’s not right, and it’s a situation that’s changing as fast as their team tears down old-fashioned designs and creates new technologies at sensible prices for all.

That’s also why they are called FOREO, short for “For Every One.” It’s because they strive to create groundbreaking, accessible solutions that bring happiness and benefit to everyday lives.

In 2013, our little baby beauty brand had just two employees wandering around the tiny Swedish office that would grow to become FOREO’s international HQ. Today, FOREO has over 3,000 beautiful people spread over dozens of international cities. We’ve also sold over 36 million FOREO products in 75+ countries. When something works, word spreads.

Though most of us were totally new to the world of beauty and wellness when we started at FOREO, we soon became experts. Our backgrounds might be unconventional, but so are the solutions we offer.


Everyone at FOREO shares one thing: Commitment

Commitment to innovation. Commitment to changing things for the better. & Commitment to kindness and decency. No more predictable career paths. No more awkward watercooler silences. & No more “that’s impossible.” Just lots of confident trailblazing. And laughter all over the place.


FOREO is pretty much the opposite of your standard, blasé, cookie-cutter beauty company. Our very first product, LUNA, was so unique and awesome they were forced to invent a whole new beauty sub-category just for us—beauty-tech. Our first LUNA sonic and silicone facial cleansing brush came out in 2013 to take the industry by storm. LUNA soon became the darling of the beauty world. For millions, it still is.

After that came ISSA, a super-soft, sonic-powered wonder-brush that added some needed zip to a stale electric toothbrush industry. Then FOREO’s UFO smart mask device materialized to transform the world of sheet masks (your old mask is sheet!) turning yester-century’s 20-minute masking routine into a mondo-effective, 90-second, techno mask and LED photofacial treatment.