ITEAD specializes in developing and manufacturing hardware and smart home products. So, They provide a wide

variety of smart products including SONOFF brand for Wi-Fi DIY smart switches, Wi-Fi smart plugs, Wi-Fi smart

wall switches, Wi-Fi smart lighting, ZigBee smart switch, accessories, NEXTION brand for different sizes and

models of HMI displays, as well as DIY kits.

Moreover, ITEAD is an electronics international e-commerce platform providing SONOFF smart home products,

Nextion HMI Display, Airspy SDR Receivers, and DIY electronic module, etc.Make innovation easier, lead

a simple and smart life.


Moreover, We are innovating in the fields of smart home solutions, leading HMI solutions, advanced SDR Receiver driven

by 4 essential brands.


Firstly, SONOFF is fully committing to fulfilling home automation for a simple and smart life. We do focuse on

fields of leading wireless remote technology, reliable smart home solution, cloud service, etc.Your Smart Home Choice.


Secondly, Nextion is the global leader Human Machine Interface (HMI) solution including Basic Series, Enhanced

Series, and Intelligent Series. So, Our mission is to reduce the HMI development workloads for industrial products.


Finally, Airspy is a line of popular Software-Define Radio (SDR) receivers develop to achieve high performance

and affordable price using innovative combinations of DSP and RF techniques.