Like Card

Like Card

LikeCard is an online platform, which offers a big variety of cards such as iTunes cards, Google Play, Steam,

Mobily, Zain and Sawa recharge cards, and also Play Station, Xbox, Facebook and Skype cards. LikeCard strives

to add largest selection of cards to reach highest amount of customers with best available prices.

  • Easy online recharge and cards.

  • Big variety of cards and services.

  • Wide Geo.

So, Founded in 2014 in Dubai, UAE, registered under the name of Like Card Electronic Cards Trading L.L.C with the

registration number: 789518.

Represented in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia by company Ib'ad AlJil For information Technology under CR

no. 1010293384 which is registration by GAZT under number: 310398359700003

LikeCard, today, is the number 1 pre-paid platform in MENA region with the largest catalog comprising of

more than 1500 pre-paid cards including but not limited (iTunes, Google Play, Steam, PlayStation, Xbox,

telco top-up of Mobily, Zain, Sawa). We are committed to provide wide range of pre-paid cards that would

give our customers online access, friendly user experience, and with competitive prices.


Is LikeCard Safe?

Yes, we always work to observe the highest standards of security and privacy to provide safe and reliable payment services.

How to buy?

● Firstly, After logging into your LikeCard account.
● Secondly, Add the products you want to the shopping cart and then click buy now.
● Thirdly, A shopping cart will appear for you to complete the purchase.
● Fourthly, After checking the details of your order, click on Payment and then choose the payment method through which you want to complete the purchase.
● Finally, Once the payment is completed, you will receive a product code.

Like Card