Metro Brazil

Metro Brazil

It is the first e-commerce website specialized in the supply of authentic premium Brazilian

products. The portfolio of Brazilian Brands continues to grow across verticals through strategic

partnerships with renowned brands.

First launched in 2017, it first began selling premium Brazilian corsets in the Middle East region.

Moreover, As the demand for such high-quality products grew, so did the offering of the its product range,

encompassing several types and brands of corsets and undergarments, cosmetics, hair care, and sportswear.

By early 2020, They have launched their own mobile and iPad application to better serve their loyal customers.


What is Metro Brazil?

It is an online store based in Sao Paulo, Brazil, that aims to introduce the world to Brazilian beauty and elegance, and offers the finest Brazilian products in cooperation with a group of the most important and famous brands in Brazil. So, Click here to read the About us page.

Do you have an application on the application store?

Yes, there is an official application for Metro Brazil on the Apple App store and Google Play Store.
In addition, Click here to download our application.

How can I contact Metro Brazil customer service?

You can speak directly with one of our customer service representative via live chat, WhatsApp,
or email at any time 24/7.
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Metro Brazil