First ones up. last ones down.
They feed us. Clothe us. Pick us up. Dust us off.
On the sides lines. On the front lines. Always the first
The last cheerleaders. Healers. Teachers.

Givers of love and genuine tears. Earners of stretch marks
and early wrinkles.
They give us their bodies, minds and lives.

They shape humanity. & They build the future.

It's a 24 hour-a-day list of to-do's, and that list is interrupted by
everything and anything. Only to try and do it again the next
day. Somehow, against all odds, they find the time to teach,
to encourage, to love and to give more.

To connect in that most indescribable way. Somehow, they
do it every day. Somehow they wouldn't have it any
other way.


Mumzworld was founded in 2011 by a team of caring but busy, seasoned and experienced entrepreneurs

and parents who felt something was missing from the market. We weren’t satisfied with the product range or

information we found at crowded malls and scattered online stores. We envisioned giving families in the Middle

East, one place to search, compare, and buy from a wide range of leading local and global brands, all from the

comfort of their homes and offices. Above all, we wanted to provide parents with all the information and reviews

they need to make the best decisions about gear for their newborn, educational toys for their little whizz kids,

books for their preschooler or wardrobes for their pre-teen. After celebrating our 8 year anniversary last year

as the leading online retailer in the Middle East, this mission still holds true.

At Mumzworld, mothers are at the heart of our brand – we are here to make each and every Mumz’ life easier.

We will stop at nothing to ensure that you can shop in the fastest, most convenient, and most cost-effective manner.

So when everyone’s counting on you, you can count on us. Browse through our widest catalogue of products

at the most competitive prices. From regional best-sellers, global award winners, unique finds to every mother’s

must-haves, from the day baby is born till 12 years of age, we’ve got it all. And while mumz know best, we’ll be

happy to offer our expert advice to help you get all the right answers, price comparisons and tips. We’ll go that

extra mile for your smile with our sophisticated free delivery and passionate customer service. And along the way,

we’ll do our every bit to surprise you with simple reminders and memorable gifts.

Mumz are superheroes

We are a mumz team, here to support, empower and inspire. We have promised to be your “go-to” for all your

family needs, offering convenience and variety in a quick and easy way. Our efforts and dedication mean that

you can be confident that you are making the most informed decisions for your families each and every day.

Decisions that mean a win. For your family. For you. & For us.

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