New Balance

New Balance

The New Balance story is rooted in product innovation around the concept of balance and a chicken’s foot.

Today, we are challenging convention to advance the sustainability of our products in materials and design,

product chemistry and packaging.

Moreover, We’re constantly learning and evolving our approach to create quality, long lasting design. That means

making sustainability a priority in the process. We’re building our portfolio of environmentally preferred

materials, finding ways to use fewer materials, and driving toward more circularity through repair and recycling.

New Balance’s green leaf standard highlights environmentally preferred material adoption across our

apparel products. For apparel that meet New Balance’s green leaf standard, at least 50% or more of the

materials in a garment are sourced as environmentally preferred.

We prefer an environmentally material based on its physical characteristics (for example recycled polyester)

or more sustainable sourcing practices (for example Better Cotton). Precise details of garments can be

found on the garment care label, hangtag, or the product listing on

In addition, New Balance’s Green Leaf makes it easier to identify more sustainable choices. We want you to be proud

to wear New Balance, not only because it performs well and looks incredible, but because of how we make it.

No need to compromise; our goal is to create iconic product in harmony with the world we love.


Choosing more environmentally preferred fibers and materials is one of the best and most immediate ways

In addition, we can reduce our impacts. Even more, We do focus on transitioning our three most highly used

materials—polyester, leather and cotton – to environmentally preferred options.

Finally, By 2025, our goal is for all our cotton and leather to be from preferred sources and 50% of recycle our polyester. New Balance Code

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