Now Now

The Noon NowNow app was launched in mid-2020 with the aim of providing all necessary

commodities, especially groceries, meat, medicines and pet products, within only 60 minutes.

The services the Noon NowNow app offers have helped solve many problems. These problems include

the hassle of leaving the house to obtain groceries and the consequent waste of time with dozens of

options available on the shelves in addition to the time that the customer spends at the checkout lines,

especially for those who do not have enough time to prepare food due to their job obligations.

Also, the fast shipping service for groceries helps you prepare various new recipes that you have wanted

to prepare for a while, but the ingredients were not available to you for that. The Noon NowNow app

provides various essential groceries and commodities, such as meat and fish of various kinds through its

contract with major global supermarkets and plethora of pharmacies in case you are in urgent need of

medicines at late times.

Grocery and medicine prices are very reasonable and the delivery fee does not exceed 5 Dirham per order,

with no minimum purchase amount.

You can also save more by using the Noon NowNow discount code 2021, which you will find exclusively

on Al Coupon website, which gives you a 15% OFF on all purchases, up to 15 Dirham.

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