Priceelf is a popular Chinese online shop with a wide selection (over 60,000 products!) Computer, accessories, peripherals, cell phones and tablets, cosmetics, jewelry, shoes and clothes.

Online shop Priceelf collaborating with Chinese factories, which allows it to sell products at low prices and free deliver them around the world. An important role in politics and cheapening play coupons, which regularly publishes the company, as well as a loyalty program with a so-called coin (you can get them for feedback to goods and for attracting customers into the store).

Why buy in Priceelf:

  • Low prices.
  • Free shipping by airmail, even if you have made an order worth $ 1.
  • Rugged package parcels.
  • A wide range of products (more than 55,000 SKUs).
  • Guarantee for technically complex products (such as smartphones, tablets) lasts 1 year.
  • Refund is possible in case of loss or damage to parcels.
  • Flexible system of discounts and bonuses.
  • Convenient forms of payment - QIWI, PayPal, WebMoney, credit cards.
  • Shop PriceElf working directly with Chinese factories, which allows you to sell items at the lowest price, and deliver them for free all over the world.

Why is our price unbeatable?

Focus on limited product lineups.
Partnership with many factories and sourcing from them directly.
Powerful system to prejudge and control the storage exactly.
Contact all suppliers for the latest supply status multiple times each day.
Partnership with Hong Kong Post, China Air Mail, EMS, in order to always be able to provide discounts for shipping fee worldwide.
Each of warehouses is literally next to our shipping carriers.