Rugs USA

Rugs USA

A leader in the rug retail industry since 1998, is dedicated to bringing you high-quality rugs,

furniture, and home décor from around the world at rock-bottom prices. With their low-price commitment

and dedication to customer service, they aim to make your next rug purchase a pleasant and enjoyable experience.

Rugs USA 's customers are often surprised when they see how low their prices are.

These low prices aren't just a marketing gimmick, but rather a reflection of the way they choose to do business.

When they started out, operated as a dropship retailer, which means they would send your

order to the manufacturer who would in turn send your rug directly to you. As their company has grown,

the way they do business has changed to better serve their customers. they are no longer a primary dropship

retailer, and they have moved much of their stock in-house in an effort to bring their customers big savings.

Many businesses which operate as primary dropship retailers often need to double the price of the rug in order to make a profit, but by changing their business model and cutting out the middle man, they can now sell you high-quality rugs at wholesale prices.

Rugs USA