SouKare is a Dubai based Healthcare Tech startup. Its primary goal is to leverage technology, to provide fast,

convenient and hassle-free experience to its customers.

So, They currently carry a wide range of corrective and colored contact lenses, that they target to deliver anywhere in

Dubai, within 90 minutes, for customers outside Dubai, they provide express shipping worldwide.

At souKare, it's our top priority to ensure complete peace of mind for our customers. Hence our promise of only

carrying genuine products from manufacturers, that are sourced directly through authorized distributors. If we cannot

source an item directly from an authorized distributor, we simply do not stock it.

We a customer first policy, we aim to be exhaustive in our offerings to avoid disappointment. In the unlikely case that a

product is not available on our website, we highly encourage getting in touch with us via phone or email, so we can

make every effort to organize it, as promptly as possible.

We strive to be always available for our customers, and can be reached at any time by email, or by phone during our

normal working hours.

Finally, In our time-constrained, high-stress, world, souKare's success lies in saving some of that time and taking part of

that stress away from the lives of our customers - we shall never settle for anything less.

Anytime You Need A Contact Lens... Just souKare It - To Your Doorstep!